Why Is Colorado Such A Great State To Live In?

Colorado is sometimes noted as one of the fittest states in terms of physical health, and sometimes it even ranks highly in terms of happiness and population moving to the state. Normally, such domestic emigration is seen moving to the so-called Sun Belt of sunny Western and Southern states, particularly coastal ones.

What makes Colorado so special? There are many factors that play into that, and a lot of it depends on what someone is looking for. Many might joke that Colorado only recently became popular due to marijuana legalization, but the state was well-liked even before then.

Denver has a lot to do with it. This city sits right between the end of the Great Plains and the ‘Front Range’ of the Rockies. This bustling and growing metropolis features plentiful jobs across many industries, some of them with relatively good pay and benefits. There are also many open spaces and parks, with more miles of walking trails than many other cities combined. Every professional sport is represented here at a major league level, and the rest of the state is easy to access for outdoor adventure.

The Rockies offer everything from snowboarding, skiing, and rock climbing and hiking to rafting through gorges or just enjoying vistas you can drive or ride up to, like Mount Evans or Pikes Peak. Tourism is a huge industry in Colorado, and much of it is within driving range of Denver.

Of course, not everyone lives in Denver. Most of the state population does, but there are quiet, beautiful towns and smaller cities around the state close to nature. Some live in the mountains to be right where the fun and beauty is, but a handful live in the eastern flats, taking advantage of the agriculture the Plains offer.