Speech to Text for Catching the flu at the dentist?

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local dentist to find out how they’re taking action against the deadly virus. she joins us live in the studio to tell us more. it’s true…the flu is not going away …at least for now… and—"denistry just for kids and orthodontics", in terre haute, is aware of how severe this season is… they say they are taking extra steps to make sure their facility stays clean. nat it’s a trip to the dentist… "this is her first dentist appointment." in fact, it’s "elodie" first trip ever… nat at 14 months old … she’s showing off her teeth for a checkup at "denistry just for kids and orthodontics" in terre haute. …tiny feet… nat "there are germs just everywhere…" and a tiny immune system…. "this year it is very scary…" that makes chelsea dickerson a very scared mother…. with a flu season …that’s shown to be "deadly"… "i do know that viruses are a common thing." she’s constantly worried about germs. nat 2 "judah we are just going to look at your teeth today…ok?" pediactric dentist, steve pilipovich …says the wipespread of the flu has them taking action…. nat 5 "hey andrea, it’s cory, with dentistry just for kids and orthodontics." he says the flu season has had an impact on them… they see up to 10 cancelations each day … "we have a fairly busy schedule, but then all of the sudden the day will start to fall a part in terms of kids being sick, they wake up with a fever." staff members are taking extra steps… to santize… "we have a routine that we go. we hit that routine… routinely with our sani-wipes and our sterlizers to wipe everything down, but it’s a challenge to keep up with that." and… pilipovich says people need to remember to rid of toothbrushes…after they get sick… "we don’t want that bacteria or virus being harboured on that toothbrush…so let’s just get rid of it and start with a new one." with children at high risk for getting the flu… dickerson is happy this dentristy is taking extra steps … "they can’t tell you what is wrong with them yet…and that can be very scary." the centers for disease control and prevention has reported "53" children have die from the flu. now that’s over the span of october to now… a reminder to wash your hands… and stay home if you are sick… back to you. washing your hands is the most obvious way to keep from spreading germs. so how do you know

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