Chesterfield Dentist Offers to Help Artist in Need of Dental Work

Need of Dental Work

Ronald Erwin (Source: NBC12)


Ron Erwin is a retired medical illustrator who was in dire need of dental work.

A Chesterfield paramedic, Collin McCann, routinely visits Mr. Erwin and reached out to NBC12 to get him the help he needs.

McCann worried about potential health risks associated with Mr. Erwin’s teeth. Within moments of his story airing, the offers to help started pouring into the station.

Mr. Erwin selected a dentist closest to his home, visiting with him on Wednesday morning.

“So, tell me what you don’t like about your smile,” asked Dr. Don Murry III as he sat down with Mr. Erwin in an examination room. That question creates a long list for Ron Erwin.

“Since I haven’t had any teeth, I get embarrassed. Haven’t had anybody coming over. I don’t go out. Don’t go to church,” admitted Mr. Erwin.

It’s been keeping him inside, isolated with his drawings. But Wednesday, he not only went out into public, he brought samples of his work, with him.

“These are gorgeous,” expressed Dr. Murry as he flipped through the sketches. He added, “I bet you were in one of the textbooks I studied.”

It’s that passion for his artwork that first got Dr. Murry’s attention.

“I saw the story you and Collin did. You could tell just by watching him he has this love for what he does, his craft. That’s how I feel about my dental work,” said Dr. Murry.

That is why he reached out to NBC12 to help. His family-run dentistry, Murry &Kuhn, is doing the service for free.

“I’m blessed to be where I am. If it allows me to do some fun things for people to bless them, that’s what I’m put on Earth for,” he explained.

This all started because of Collin McCann, a Chesterfield Paramedic who is part of a community program. He even took time from his honeymoon to set up this appointment, joining Mr. Erwin at the dentist office.

“I really enjoyed having you guys over. It was really uplifting,” expressed Mr. Erwin, adding he was overjoyed to hear local dentists wanted to help.

“Nobody’s ever helped me before. Collin is great.”

And once he gets his smile back, Mr. Erwin plans to pursue sharing even more of his artwork.

“I hope to get back doing my pottery. I’d like to get into a studio where I can maybe teach pottery.”

Mr. Erwin will have a few more visits with Dr. Murry before the dental surgery next month.

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